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Updated Wednesday March 27, 2019 by Northampton Baseball & Softball.

UPDATED: January 1, 2019

Northampton plans to participate in WESTERN MASS BASEBALL LEAGUE (WMBL)

This newly designed program shall serve to supplement players with a strong desire for more baseball.

Outline of the program can be downloaded below.

Players can register for this program by visiting our website and signing up for tryouts - There are zero costs to tryout

  • Spring Season - for 2019 will cost 100.00 per player - this will provide April, May and early June weekend games
  • Summer Season - for those who wish continue playing together - we'll be entering local tournaments @ 50.00 per player

This tuition cost will include 10-18 weekend games (will vary based on level) team practices and player lessons throughout the spring.

Players who participate in WMBL must be registered to play in the regular season.
Costs for WMBL are in addition to regular season tuition.  


We are seeking qualified and committed coaches for this program to properly grow this program.


In addition to WMBL
Northampton is planning to participate in other local and independent tournaments that are offered throughout the area during the spring and summer months

The costs outlined above represent participation within the Western Mass Baseball League program alone – any play in local/independent spring/summer tournaments and outside the WMBL program will be an additional cost.

Commitment and interest from Coaches, Parents and of course players will dictate entry into local/independent dates.


about, Northampton Baseball Club

The Northampton Baseball Club is a division of Northampton Baseball & Softball (NBSL) 

The program is intended to be a local travel program designed to meet the needs of a player that wants to focus on higher baseball development without excessive costs.

The program offers advanced and additional baseball training on field and off field, thus giving players an enhanced baseball experience. 

Players on the Northampton Baseball Club will be dually rostered with the NBC and a regular season NBSL team. (will play regular spring season in addition to club games)

Club players will play an estimated 15-16 regular spring season games, then participate in an estimated total of 10-18 weekend club games (based on age and field size) 

**NOTE game totals are estimated and do not factor in national/local tournament seasons)

Tuition for club teams will be in addition to the regular season cost per player.



Any NBSL registered player who is 12 and years old or younger is eligible to try out.

We aim to field teams in 2 (two) age divisions

12U Division playing on 50/70 baseball diamond

10U Division playing on 40/60 baseball diamond


Three criteria will be used for determining players chosen:

  • COMMITMENT – Players and families must commit to be at 90% of all team activities, which include off field training, spring training, independent games and tournaments. Activities will begin annually in March and with opportunities in local tournametns thru July 31st - all this is based on interest and commitment
  • ABILITY – There will be a comprehensive tryout with independent evaluators. Tryouts will take place over a number of sessions in available venues TBD.
  • FINANCIAL – There are no costs to tryout. The cost to play an NBC team is subject to change. There may be extra costs not included in the fee such as travel and hotel rooms for tournaments as well as equipment.  Full payment is required at our parental commitment meeting, which is held within 10 days of final tryout date. Financial Aid will be available based on demonstrated need.

NBSL, through its NBC operations committee makes all divisional placement and coaching decisions on a seasonal basis.


How do I register my player?

Registration will begin annually in January with tryouts beginning mid-February.

Within 10 days of the last tryout, NBSL will hold a parental commitment meeting to ensure full understanding and commitment of players & families is secured. At this meeting the full seasonal tuition fee will be due with funds being used to secure apparel, tournament deposits and seasonal equipment needs


Northampton Baseball Club Seasonal Schedule:

Our seasonal schedule intent is to operate from March 1st and conclude July 31st each year

Pre-season workouts will begin with tryouts in mid February and concluding the preseason March 31st

NBC players will then participate in NBSL Spring Training and regular season schedules.

During April, May and June; NBC players will participate in weekend club games scheduled so not to interfere with their participation with NBSL regular season activities. 

NBC players will be eligible to try out for National tournament teams (all-stars).

National Tournaments begin mid June and concludes in July. At the conclusion of the National Tournaments, the NBC team will reconvene to play summer baseball tournaments.


Where will we play?

As the program grows our plan is to play local 91corridor and independent games and tournaments in all 6 of the New England states along with New York and other states based on available opportunities.

NBC will attempt to have an equal number of home and away games, but will ultimately play games where available in order to provide a quality baseball experience.

12U 70' home games will be played at Spring Street Fields, Florence MA. 

10U 60' home games will be played at McDonald Field in Florence and Lariviere Field in Northampton.

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