Community Press Release

Updated Saturday January 20, 2018 by Northampton Baseball & Softball.

October 26, 2017 - for immediate release;

Northampton Baseball & Softball League (NBSL) is excited and proud to announce a convergence and unification of sports organizations in our community. After careful thought and consideration the Board of Directors for both NBSL along with the Northampton Cal Ripken Baseball League have voted to formally unify as a single sporting organization beginning with the 2018 season.  Additionally, we have created an independent travel team hereafter called, Northampton Baseball Club (NBC).

The new NBSL Board of Directors will form in early November and be charged with working with the two National Organizations to help bring the best possible youth baseball experience to our players and families.  Players from both organizations will merge to form a unified town league as has been piloted at the eight and under (Rookies/Coaches pitch division) level for the last two seasons. 

Over the last few years our two organizations have successfully worked hand in hand in the management and operation of the Rookies/Coaches pitch division which led to an engaged, thoughtful and thorough discussion on this unified collaboration for all our ages/divisions with both Boards voting to make this happen for the 2018 season.

Northampton Baseball & Softball’s vision for youth baseball & softball includes the following core principles.

  1. That youth baseball & softball should emphasize skill development recognizing that the game is more fun when one has the skills to play it.
  2. That a robust spring training is essential to establish the right foundation for play and to form a common culture.
  3. That teams should be reset each season based on independent player evaluations conducted throughout spring training to promote parity and contribute to spirited and fair competition.
  4. That players should be placed in a division that best suits their skill and development level for maximum gain in confidence and not simply based on age, grade or social influences.
  5. That the post season (play after 7/1) opportunities should be extended to all players and not just a select few “all stars”.
  6. That coaching youth baseball & softball is as challenging as playing the game and coaches need to participate in training as well.  That well-trained coaches are essential to positive experiences for the players and their families. 
  7. That the League is committed to fostering the values of teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, physical well-being and an appreciation and love of the game.

The League will be open to players of neighboring communities subject to the rules of the National Organizations. It will be launched with spring training for all.  The regular season will follow and include regional play.  The summer schedule will likely include participation in national All Star tournaments as well as other independent and local tournaments.  It is also expected that summer ball/sandlot games will continue.

We are also proud to announce the formation of the Northampton Baseball Club (NBC) at the 12U and 10U levels.  These will be a try out teams for those interested in enhanced training and additional game playing opportunities against a variety of teams in the region.  These teams will also compete in select independent tournaments.  Members of these teams will participate in NBSL spring training, play on a NBSL regular season team, be eligible to try out for all stars, but have additional training and games that extend through the summer.   The NBC schedule will coordinate with the NBSL schedule to avoid conflicts and help protect against arm overuse.  Further, the NBC is committed to delivering an extraordinary baseball plus experience to our families at a reasonable cost compared to other independent teams in the area.  More information, including cost structure, will be made available soon.

The convergence of philosophies, the flexibility of the National Youth Baseball Organizations and the desire to draw on best practices from all toward a unified Northampton baseball & softball program motivated the formation of this new and inspiring league. 

We look forward to a great 2018 season.