Can I Manage/Coach a Baseball or Softball team?

UpdatedThursday October 17, 2019 byNorthampton Baseball & Softball.

Can I Manage/Coach a Baseball or Softball team?


Being a Manager/Coach requires organizational skills, some baseball or softball acumen, and most importantly, a genuine interest in being around, and mentoring, children.

To be considered for Manager/Coach position, you must first complete the Volunteer Forms background check. It is imperative that all managerial candidates be screened by these two methods as the league complies with national requirements and Massachusetts State Laws on background checks for all persons involved with our players.

Please complete the Volunteer Forms and return via postal mail only (E-mail is not secure or recommended) 

Northampton Baseball & Softball 
PO Box 347
Leeds, MA 01053-0347

The process of selecting a Manager/Coach is not a popularity contest and no extra credit is automatically granted for seniority. There are plenty of great people out there who would not make adequate managers.

Remember, ALL managerial/coaching positions are for one year only. No person is guaranteed to be a manager, or “grandfathered” to manage a specific team. Each year, if a person wishes to manage, then the same selection procedure must be equally applied to all candidates.

All appointments are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Each candidate will be reviewed fairly with the focus being on the ability of the person nominated to fulfill theresponsibilities of the manager. Not everyone is going to know each candidate personally, so the diligence is done by the League President to gather information and speak with each interested person. This process is critical to that person becoming a viable nominee.

Typically, the Manager is equal parts parent, teacher and traffic cop, so being a good manager comes down to the ability to coordinate and communicate, while always wearing a smile.

In addition to acting as Manager/Coach during the spring season, each active Manager/Coach is automatically considered part of the leagues General Membership, whereby each Manager/Coach is granted the right to vote at our Annual Meeting, which elects the new Board of Directors. This meeting is usually held in October.

Our league wishes to put forth the very best product possible and to benefit our community’s children who choose spring baseball/softball.

To achieve this goal we need volunteers !!

Northampton Baseball & Softball could not function without the commitment of its volunteers, please consider joining our great baseball and softball community.